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Agricultural Research

Agricultural Research:

Agricultural research is an investment which creates a new knowledge and enables society to increase its total output of goods and services and reduce the cost of production. The agricultural research can be seen from two major perspective. Firstly it makes possible the production of new or improved inputs for agriculture. These inputs include new higher yielding varieties of crops, more productive breeds of livestock and poultry, more efficient machines, environmental friendly herbicides and insecticides. And secondly, the knowledge on input, the usage of input properly, adaptation of new technology and/or method, post-harvest management technique that can be learned and used directly by farmers enabling them to increase the productivity, reduce overall production cost, reduce the wastage of output, explore new market and distribution channel, which eventually generates better return to the farmers. As a survey research organization, OrQuest deals with the later part of the agro research. When an organization comes out with new input, develop a new market system, wants to understand the value chain of different outputs, OrQuest is there to support them. The Agro research team is led by Mr. Md Helal Uddin Khan, who has vast experience on Making Market work for Poor (M4P), M4C, alternative livelihood program, char livelihood program, value chain analysis, integrative pest management and many more. OrQuest expertise on agro research include baseline or early sign of impact assessment, midterm study, end line study or impact assessment, value chain analysis etc. OrQuest also have the capability to conduct the product test of newly developed agro input.