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Media & Communications Research

Media & Communications Research:

OrQuest Media and communication research includes survey conducted to investigate what segment of consumers read which periodicals and/or listen to or watch which radio or television programs, use which social media etc. It often covers they time, duration, or frequency of access to print, electronic or social media. OrQuest also have partnership with media monitoring agencies and can share the monitoring data for print and electronic media. Our communication research helps the marketer to evaluate their story board and measure the relevance, clarity, comprehension, brand association, uniqueness and persuasion. After is launching the advertisement, our communication research also measures the ad recall, message recall and the media at which the ad was noticed. OrQuest Media and communication research can help to understand the impression of advertising across all media channels, which helps the marketers to construct their media planning effectively and use the media mix effectively and efficiently. Our research also helps to improve communication performance and ensure higher reach.