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B2B (enterprise) Surveys

B2B (enterprise) Surveys:

Business-to-business (B2B) surveys, often refers to enterprise survey are targeted towards business professionals or those with working occupations. Although the process is very similar when conducting a consumer survey and business-to-business, however business-to-business is more challenging in terms of determining the sample size, selection of the respondent, response rates and types of information to be obtained. As a member of European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR), we discourage our clients to include confidential information in the questionnaire for any enterprise survey. Also we do not disclose the identity of any individual respondent or any individual enterprise. We always value the confidentiality of business information.

Conducting enterprise survey is not often easy. When conducting a business-to-business survey, it is important to survey multiple levels within the enterprise. Most of the cases we want to conduct the interview of the decision makers of the organization, but frequently we need information related to procurement, HR or accounts. It is not easy to reach the head of the organization or the key decision maker. Therefore, for enterprise survey, the enumerators require some special skill set to convince the respondent, set an appointment and conduct the interview. OrQuest has b pool of resources who have years of experience in conducting enterprise survey. Sometimes, some high profiled interviews are conducted by our regular field team. In case of corporate interviews with the directors, general managers or managing directors, the interviews are being conducted by our own research executives or managers.